Corporate Philosophy


Contribute to customer’s future
with world-leading technologies

Industrialize washing and open the way for future generations.
Since our foundation, we have opened a new door for not only our own company but also the industry with our technologies for 100 years.From now on, we will continue to inherit the spirit as a pioneer and to deliver new products and new values to the world to contribute customers as well as the industry’s future.


Continue to challenge, we aim at
"TOSEN that shoulders the world".

We will continue to cope with new challenges while maintaining the positon as the long-established manufacturer.
We ensure that our products, solutions and services today are better than yesterday; we aim to become a globally leading company, not to mention Japan through continuous evolution and improvement with change without fear.


“Sincerity will base of life”
Face manufacturing and customers with a sincere heart

What constitutes the foundation of the technical strength and challenging spirit of the TOSEN is sincerity and dedication.
We will continue to provide better manufacturing and to serve customers with the best solutions.

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