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Japan, one of the "cleanest country" in the world.

Have you ever stayed at a hotel in Japan?

If you have, you surely surprised at the cleanliness of its 'bed linens' including bed sheets, pillowcases and towels.

Actually, in a survey (*1) conducted by the worldwide online hotel reservation site "Hotel.Info" from over 6 million users, "Tokyo" was chosen as the city has the cleanest hotel rooms in the world.

※1 Conducted by「Hotel.Info」in 2014

(Within Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa)

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Top 10 cleanest cities where travelers tell that their hotel rooms are clean!

※1 Survey results by the online hotel reservation web site "Hotel.Info" (2014)

The highest "certification standards” support its cleanliness.

What makes Japan’s linens so clean? You can find out the answer in its highest "certification standards".

In Japan, there are many industrial associations such as "Japan Linen Supply Association" consists of companies that supply linens to hotels and restaurants, and "Japan Hospital Bedding Association (Nihon Byoin Shingu Kyokai) ” consists of healthcare facility linen suppliers.

And these organizations and the members establish independently their own certification standards for linen’s whiteness and cleanliness.

(Within Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa)

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Japan’s criteria for "whiteness"

The whiteness level of linens provided for luxury hotels in Japan is more than 85%.

For reference, the whiteness level of white powder which actors of Kabuki, a Japanese traditional art, and Japanese traditional dancers put on their faces is "about 90%(※2)".

That means that the whiteness level of 85% or higher is almost "pure white".

※2 Survey by TOSEN

High quality of laundry facilities surpassing world-leading standards.

So, why can we meet such stringent hygiene standards?

The answer is the "high quality of laundry facilities".

"We have one of the strictest standards in the world. In other words, it is also a "proof" that the laundry facility has "the world's highest quality that surpasses the world's most stringent standards".

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Excellent management in the laundry facilities

In the Japanese laundry facilities, there are clearly classified work areas such as an unwashed linen area, a washing area, an after-washing linen area and a drying area Moreover, that is legally required to make each area easy to be recognized by the workers.

This prevents clean linen’s contamination by separating them from used linens also prevents the workers from careless moving between contaminated area and non-polluted area.

That's why we can always provide clean linens for hotels, restaurants, hospitals and other facilities.

An example of the area classification of the Japanese laundry facilities

Having the pre-clean room for hand washing at the entrance to the non-polluted area.+Identifying the non-polluted area and the contaminated area with the floor color codes.

Preventing careless moving between the both areas.

"The area of linens unwashed and in the washing processing" and "the area of linens washed and dried" are clearly divided into different areas.

Preventing clean linen’s contamination by separating them from the used linens.

Excellent Washing

In Japan, we also have independent standards for each association about how to wash linens.

For example, under the "NBSK’s certification program, washing must involve the use of hot water at 80 ° C or higher for at least 10 minutes. This is strictest criteria to remove representative harmful bacteria, such as vegetative type bacteria, tubercle bacillus, fungi, and viruses.

We can provide disinfected and clean linens through such a rigorous certification program.

※Reference: "Educational Software for Food Safety Quality Control" (Japan Food Industry Association / 2003)

Ability as a laundry machine maker to realize the advanced laundry facilities.

It is our "technology" and "know-how" to realize the highest quality.

We have improved our product quality to meet the unique circumstances of our customers.

We do not just stay in the position of "selling products". Instead of that, we also offer innovative solutions from planning to product layouts with our extensive know-how.

You can find Japan’s advanced technologies and hospitality in our solutions.

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Product Quality

"High performance" of the laundry machines in the facilities supports the world’s highest quality.

The machines are equipped with various innovative functions, including a "circulation cleaning system (option)” which results in 20% (※3) reduction in water consumption, to resolve critical issues in the sanitary, environmental and cost aspects.

In addition, the laundry machines in Japan also have "excellent durability". The statutory amortization period for the machine is 13 years. That is, our machines have high durability that can correspond to it.


Product Information

Excellent Solutions

Our mission and task are not limited only to launch the products".

We also provide total solutions for making efficient laundry facilities including planning, selecting machines with considering production capacity and layouts of the machines, while complying with related laws and ordinances.

Because we are familiar with the machine’s performance and related laws, we can manage and handle all the processes to meet Japan’s stringent standards.

Our Solutions

The Leading Laundry Machine Manufacturer in Japan

Since its founding in 1924, TOSEN has been the leading commercial laundry machine manufacturer for 100 years.

Since the time when laundry machines were not able to be imagined yet, we have challenged to open new doors of the industry as a pioneer.

You can say that the history of TOSEN is the very history of the technological development of Japanese laundry machines.

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The Overwhelming Market Share

Our overwhelming high market share in Japan demonstrates our great ability to meet the market's needs.

More than 62%(※4) of companies affiliated with both "Japan Linen Supply Association" and "NBSK" use our products.

※4 As of Feb 2017

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