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Drying Tumbler





Pass-through Drying Tumbler


  • Pass-through type coped with continous batch washer line.
  • Drying time :
    SPT-60 13min./load(by our factory data)
    SPT-120 14min./load(by our factory data)
  • Equipped with smallest blower motor 5.5kw(SPT-120) in a class.

SPT-60 SPT-120
Standard capacity 60kg / lot 126kg / lot
Machine Dimension (Width) 1,795mm 2,290mm
Machine Dimension (Depth) 2,270mm 2,655mm
Machine Dimension (Height) 3,270mm 3,530mm


Shaking Tumbler


  • Saving man-power at the front of flatwork ironer with no need to handle any works.
  • Shaking efficiency with no-tangling.
  • Adopting natural-drop-down of linen with no-twisting.
  • Saving electric-power with high efficiency fan.
  • Increasing the productivity by flatwork ironer after small wrinkles is extetended.

Standard capacity 60kg / lot
Machine Dimension (Width) 2,365mm
Machine Dimension (Depth) 1,765mm
Machine Dimension (Height) 3,805mm


MULTI Drying Tumbler


  • Shaking efficiency with no-tangling.
  • Usable for full-dry of towels.
  • Blower motor 3.7kw by saving energy.

Capacity Shaking 60kg
Completely drying 100kg
Shaking 60kg
Completely drying 100kg
Machine Dimension (Width) 2,365mm 2,365mm
Machine Dimension (Depth) 1,960mm 1,960mm
Machine Dimension (Height) 3,805mm 3,805mm


Large type Drying Tumbler


  • Blower motor 3.7kw by saving energy design.
  • Equipped with the function of tilting at discharging friendly to operator.
  • Programmable matched for the aricle.

Standard capacity 100kg / lot
Machine Dimension (Width) 2,400mm
Machine Dimension (Depth) 1,370mm
Machine Dimension (Height) 2,555mm

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