We provide a wide range of factory planning to meet customer's requests and issues including new factory launching, equipment upgrade and improvement through energy-saving/labor-saving systems

The greatest strength in our planning is that we can face the needs of our customers as a manufacturer. Our experts, who knew not only the performance of the machines but also the layouts for maximizing their performances, will involve in the best proposals for customer requests.


Hearing and analysis of the current situations

We grasp customer's requests including their budgets, production plans etc. and their current issues.


Layout design and test calculation of production capacity

We will propose total costs including running costs and initial costs as well as production capacity with planning of best machines and their efficient layouts


Have meetings with architectural designers and equipment designers

We are also responsible for having meetings with construction designers and facility designers for efficient factory operations including air conditioning, electricity, water supply and drainage.


Loading and installation of the products

We will also take responsibility for loading and installation of our products on customers' plants.

Make the production capacity "visible" and eliminate customer’s "anxiety" "waste" and "anomaly

Today we have a "laboratory center," an R&D facility which offers customers and visitors an opportunity to experience and test our product performance and production capacity. We will eliminate customer’s anxiety before new product introductions.

In addition, we provide systems that support visibility of the production capacity after deployment, including "unitary monitoring systems" that display and warn about current amount of electricity, water, gas consumption and what amount of consumption.
We achieve the facilities’ energy efficiency and high productivity while eliminating "waste" and "abnormality" from the production sites.





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